Just Found the Best Font Ever

No concrete wall ever looked this good. Check out the bestest font style we've ever seen on the photo above. Eye candy blog Notcot reports from Santa Monica, where a new community beach just opened. Click for amazingly detailed sand castles, flying flags and girls in giant bubbles dancing on the water.

razo | 2009.04.26. 10:03 | link | 6 komment | Share


ZaZie · http://criticalmiss.blog.hu 2009.04.26. 17:52:15

Why in English? Are you going to become ikultplay, or something?

razo 2009.04.26. 19:22:53

:) We're about to launch Kultplay "In English" besides the native version. We love our hungarian readers, we just don't want to miss the rest of the world... These two posts are the early birds.

ZaZie · http://criticalmiss.blog.hu 2009.04.26. 20:22:57

Coool. Very ambitious, and progressive at the same time. :)

ZaZie · http://criticalmiss.blog.hu 2009.04.26. 20:23:49

Ouch, I missed the ultimate corporate buzzword: innovative. :D

aNdrv1d 2009.04.28. 23:26:59

coool! :)

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